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Manipur: Nagas will not merge with Union of India but they will co-exist, says NSCN-IM
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Manipur: Nagas will not merge with Union of India but they will co-exist, says NSCN-IM
The Naga rebels pointed out that three years have passed but the ‘Framework Agreement’ is yet to have its fruition as the Government of India is going slow in taking its stand on core issues.

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland Isaak-Muivah faction (NSCN-IM) in Imphal declared Wednesday that Nagas will not merge with the Union of India, however, they will co-exist with the UOI as two entities.

“It will be a horrible loss for both Nagas and the Indians if they miss this second bus. No one should doubt that the Framework Agreement is the meeting point for the Nagas and the Indians. The Nagas and Indians are inseparably inter-related in many fields. We must learn to co-exist for mutual benefits”, the outfit claimed.

In a statement issued by the NSCN-IM, it said the Government of India is in talks with the outfit as NSCN represents the issues of Nagas that covers all the Nagas and their territories. It further stated that the hard realities of which had been recognized by the then prime minister PV Narasimha Rao.

The outfit said, “Nagas is a recognized entity. Nagas do not accept the Indian Constitution but Nagas will share powers based on competencies.”
The question of stakeholders do not arise, it said, and quoted the interlocutor RN Ravi saying that other groups should also be accommodated in the Framework Agreement as “there will be only one talk and one solution”.

In response to the statement issued, NSCN general secretary Th. Muivah welcomed any party who wants to be part of the agreement.

The outfit called on fellow rebel groups to shed the differences and seize the opportunity in finding the solution. “To every problem, there is a solution,” it said.

The ‘Framework Agreement’ officially signed and sealed between the government and NSCN is the meeting point for the war-ridden Indians and the Nagas on the one hand and the uniting point for the divided Nagas on the other, it added.

The ‘agreement signed between the outfit and government on August 3, 2015, has taken the Indo-Naga political talks to a critical stage.

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